New game release《Demon Seal》


Demon Hunter,  In the disaster to protect the human, heros against the demon.

In the Hunter’s Inn, our protagonist set out. Solitary palm difficult to understand, only to get the support of other Hunter in order to fight Demon. They will step by step into the underground world, to find the secret treasure, rescue companions, to form an elite team.
Rely on the Sealer’s magic, the players can come back after each fight to the hunter hotel for rest. Through training to enhance their own combat power, learning skills, grinding the sword, recruiting companions, to challenge the stronger enemies to make a full preparation.

100 years ago, the occurrence of a war between human and demon. Demon’s army raging the whole continent, people can only look at their homes into a flames. All the tribes of the army assembled, experienced a long battle, and finally the Demon’s army repulsed.

People with the fighting experience and tactics, are recorded in the legend of the book, passed to the descendants of descendants. Demons remnants of the forces were deported to the underground world, its entrance has been no one knows.
Time passed away, the power of the seal gradually weakened, Demons began to stir, waiting for the opportunity to revenge.
In the ruins of the border of the town, mutations occur again, the taboos of the taboo area are destroyed and kept missing.At this point, the Demon Hunter began to act.

From the new game “Demon seal”